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Julian Hill MPFederal Member for Bruce

Australia’s Global Performance: Falling Behind report

Australia’s Global
Falling Behind

Assessing our nation’s wellbeing and progress, after seven years of Liberal Government, referencing reputable data, global rankings and research.

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Australia is Falling Behind report

As our nation enters 2021, the immediate focus is on the health and economic responses to COVID-19.

Yet as Australia hurtles toward $1 trillion of Liberal debt and a possible federal election this year, Australians have a right to question how well they are doing under Scott Morrison.

The Australia's Global Performance: Falling Behind report, collated by Julian Hill, brings together publicly available, reputable data and global rankings of key measures of Australia’s progress and wellbeing, drawing heavily on research by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library.

Recover or recession

When Scott Morrison won the 2019 election, he opened his victory speech by rhetorically asking: “How good is Australia!?”

Since then, the Prime Minister has developed a truly inane habit of asking that same question over and over and over again. Expecting that no one will ever bother to answer.

But, it is a question that can be answered. And, unfortunately for the PM, the answer is: “not as good anymore – going backwards, and being left behind”.

Our nation is going backwards under the Liberals, and falling behind much of the rest of the world.

climate change - installing solar panels

Australia is less productive, more unequal, more corrupt, less happy, more indebted, less affluent, and less trusting of public institutions than when the Liberal National Party government was elected in 2013.

Australians deserve a government that acts in their interests. We must, and can, do better.

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