Now, four of these have already been the subject of Auditor-General's reports. The building better regions fund or otherwise known as  "Building Better Rorts" the operation of the Grants Hub the Safer Communities Program,  which certainly made some communities safer and the infamous Commuter Car Parks program out of the Urban Congestion Fund.

We did have start to have a bit of a look at that in the previous parliament. But unfortunately, or conveniently for the former government there was this thing called the election, which dissolved the Parliament.

So I think it's important that we go back and finish that work and ask some further questions, but we've also going to have a deep dive inquiry into three other grants programs. That haven't at least as yet been the subject of  the Auditor-General's work about which the government holds serious concerns.

There's the regional growth fund now, that of course, could cover a multitude of sins with the National Party involved, but then there's the Urban Congestion Fund itself. The Urban Congestion Fund is actually a much broader program than the  infamous commuter car parks, the commuter car parks are blown out I think to around, so last count who knows now 667 million dollars or thereabouts but the Urban Congestion Fund is actually a $4.8 billion honey pot.

So, goodness knows what they've been up to there, but we're going to find out and also the Modern Manufacturing Initiative. The one, where Scott Morrison peculiarly made himself the decision-maker. Now, to his credit that wasn't a secret, he put it in the guidelines but he was of course, secretly the Industry Minister. So perhaps, we'll find letters that he's written to himself as Prime Minister, who knows.