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Julian Hill MPFederal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill with snior Asutralian

More than 100,000 older Australians are languishing in limbo, waiting for home care packages so they can get appropriate care.

Aged care crisis causing distress

How long will seniors have to wait for the vital services they need to live in dignity?

More than 70,000 senior Australians have no care package at all yet.

It’s shocking that this crisis has been worsening for months and the Liberal government has still done nothing.

The government’s own website states that our most vulnerable Australians will be waiting more than one year for a package.

This uncertainty makes it impossible for distressed families to even plan for the care of senior Australians while they wait, and wait.

The Liberals won't fund urgent home care, yet voted for massive tax cuts for high income earners and big business.

Many seniors are also concerned about retirement village predatory practices, such as complex, confusing contracts and excessive exit fees.

While state and territory governments are responsible for regulation of retirement living facilities, it’s clear a national approach with stronger consumer protection is needed now.