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Julian Hill MPFederal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill MP at Dandenong Hospital

After failing to stand up to the big profit health insurers, making Medicare more expensive, and cutting public hospitals the Liberals just can’t be trusted on health.

Labor's cap on premiums

Health insurance price hikes hurt

Health fund premiums and profits are way up, but the value they provide is way down.

Over 13 million Australians have some form of health insurance – and every single one of them is bearing the brunt of soaring prices and decreasing value.

Premiums have soared by 27% under the Liberal government. That means Australian families are paying an average $1,000 more a year for their private health than they were in 2013.

At the same time, private health profits are booming, with the industry recording $1.8 billion in pre-tax profits in 2016/17.

Only Labor has a plan to shift the balance back in the interests of families, rather than the big health insurance companies.

A Labor government would cap the price increases of private health insurers at 2% for two years.

And Labor will have the Productivity Commission review the private health system to improve the value, quality, and affordability of private health insurance for every Australian.