Julian Hill MP Federal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill MP available to help

Julian Hill is available to help people in the Bruce electorate with anything involving the Australian government.

And provide useful material including his Pensions Guide, coronavirus information, handy local guide to services, Australia’s Falling Behind report, and other publications.

Australia is falling behind the world

Australia is falling behind the rest of the world and going backwards under the Liberals. I am old-fashioned, compared to the Deputy Prime Minister at least. I believe facts still matter  Read this speech

Real wages will go backwards

At the centre of this budget is the real scam being pulled on Australian workers - that real wages, under this government, will go backwards in the next four years.  Read this speech

Housing affordability is a national disgrace

Young people are locked out of the housing market. Not one of the government's measures will actually do anything to add to supply.  Read this speech

PM has left the country exposed and vulnerable

Every future lockdown, every future restriction, every future leak is because of this Prime Minister's failure to do his two jobs: vaccines and quarantine.  Read this speech

Arrest of 'friendlyjordies' producer raises questions

A YouTube producer shouldn't be violently arrested in his home because he engaged in journalistic behaviour. The threat to free speech and a free press is clear.   Read this speech

Australia's partner visa system is broken

The partner visa system is broken; it is the most expensive in the world. It is one of the slowest now on average. And I believe that what the government is doing is actually illegal.   Read this speech