Julian Hill MP Federal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill is elected to represent the Bruce electorate in the Australian parliament and the Albanese Labor government. Julian is available to help people in Bruce with anything involving the Australian government.

Julian Hill MP available to help

And provide useful information including his Pensions Guide, The Bruce Bulletin, and Bruce Community Newsletter.

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Scams in Australia are finally falling

Community response and action is important. I encourage everyone in the community to speak up to report any scam they're experiencing.

Making multinationals pay more tax

People who pay their fair share of tax rightly get angry when big companies use every trick and loophole to avoid paying tax.   Read this speech

Caring for a loved one

This change will cut red tape, cut the burden on Centrelink, and provide fairness and flexibility to people to balance changes in their caring responsibilities with work.

Protecting superannuation for the future

The legislation will make it clear now and in the future that the primary objective of superannuation is to provide for a dignified retirement.   Read this speech