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Australia's Global Performance:
Falling Behind report

Falling Behind Report

The Falling Behind report assesses our nation’s wellbeing and progress, after seven years of Liberal Government, referencing reputable data, global rankings and research.

Bruce Community Newsletter
Winter 2021

Bruce Community Newsletter

This issue of the Bruce Community Newsletter includes articles on local community volunteers, cheaper childcare, responsibility for quarantine, and wages going backwards.

Cambodia - National Conference Speech

18 December 2020

The Paris Peace accord signed in 1991 finally brought peace to Cambodia and promised democracy. While peace may have been achieved, progress towards democracy in Cambodia has stalled.

The Palace Letters

19 August 2020

What do The Palace Letters tell us about Gough Whitlam's dismissal and our system of Government? Julian Hill was joined by Professor Jenny Hocking to discuss the release of these historic records.

Julian Assange Melbourne Rally

8 March 2020

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen with the same rights as you or me. The Australian government's failure to speak out against his extradition to the United States and demand his return is shameful.

Climate Change and Jobs Forum

13 October 2020

Over 90% of Australians accept the reality of climate change. The vast majority want leadership and urgent action to reduce emissions. They understand the huge opportunities for our country.