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Julian Hill MPFederal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill's Handy local guide

Guide - Apps

Handy apps to access Australian government resources for Android, iPhone and other devices

Up to the minute news from the ABC, including national emergency announcements

ABS Stats
Official Australian statistics for access to key economic indicators, location aware Census data, and population clock

ACCC Shopper
Useful consumer information and includes tools to set reminders and keep copies of receipts

BOM Weather
The most accurate weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology at your fingertips

Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Express Plus
Apps for families, job seekers, students, and seniors to do some of their business with Centrelink or Medicare without having to visit or call an office

Find the health service you need, when you need it, their contact details and directions from your current location

Light Bulb Saver
Identifies the best light bulbs to replace your incandescent and halogen bulbs – and how much you could save by transitioning to LED or CFL

Keep track of medicines and access important health info any time and anywhere, especially in emergencies

Weather, temperature, UV level and sun protection times for the day anywhere in Australia

More Australian Government apps